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Kaiju Haven VR Adventure


“Let’s play! I am not going to eat you!”

RED KING, ALIEN BALTAN, PIGMON, etc. What if they appear in front of you?

This is an adventure attraction where you can meet these very popular Tsuburaya Kaijus in the VR world.

You will become a member of the expedition and ride on the most advanced buggy to Kaiju Haven. There, you will encounter life-size Kaijus. Use the scanner device and hit them with a laser beam to collect all their data and make it a goal. There are 12 Kaijus in all and 8 different routes for the adventure in which the Kaiju you meet may vary every time.

A realistic representation of the Tsuburaya Kaijus that are popular among people of all ages. With the full cooperation of Tsuburaya Productions, we have developed the “Imaginary Science Picture Book: Kaiju no Sumika”, an original work by Tsuburaya Productions, as a VR content.

©Tsuburaya Productions ©Kaiju Haven VR Adventure Consortium (TPC/TBS/Tyffon)



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Supervisor:Takayuki Tsukagoshi

Engineer:Ryo Izawa, Xiao Du, Shinsuke Koyama, Zhenpeng Li

Sound Designer:Masaomi Kamiya

CG Artist

 – Character:Akihiko Tanaka

 – Environment:Ryo Shuto, Toshikazu Miya, Shuya Mukai

 – Animation:Takahiro Takahashi, Hiroyuki Furuiwa, Han-j Jose Massahiro Neto

 – Effects:Teruyuki Nakahashi, Hiroaki Shinohara, Tomonori Hasuike

 – Lighting:Jermaine Dennis

UI Designer:Judy Tong

Graphic Designer:Norimitsu Ikeda

Manager:Hanae Umezawa

Director & Art Director:Shunsaku Matsurida

Technical Director:Kazuya Ito

Executive Producer:Ken Fukazawa

Co-Producer:Tsuyoshi Katayama

Producer & Planner:Keigo Yoshimura