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A magical “time” that you have never experienced begins

This work was developed in collaboration with Broadcasting System of Niigata Inc., Golden Sado Inc., and NIIGATA-SADO Tourism Authority Co.,Ltd., with the support of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Subsidy Project of the Japan Content Localization and Distribution Live Entertainment, and the development, production and dissemination of highly advanced content.

In addition, we also donate a portion of ticket sales to fund activities for Sado Island to be registered as a World Heritage Site, thereby encouraging its registration as a World Heritage Site.

“ISLAND MIRRORGE” is an MR attraction that allows visitors to actually walk around the Doyu tunnel in the “Historic Sado Gold Mine” while wearing MR glasses “NrealLight”. When you put on the glasses, you are in a different world… A space where historical heritage and the virtual world intersect, combined with technologies such as projection mapping, will provide a new experience never seen before.

Copyright ©2021 ISLAND MIRRORGE. All rights reserved.


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Producer :Hiroko Nagae

Director:Ken Fukazawa

Planner:Ken Fukazawa, Hiroko Nagae

Project Manager:Hanae Umezawa

Engineer: Xiao Du, Ayano Komura, Shunsuke Murakami

Composer:Masaomi Kamiya

Sound Designer:Yichuan Shao

Art Director:Ken Fukazawa

Character:Shunsaku Matsurida

Animation:Takahiro Takahashi, Han-j Jose

Effects & Environment: Hiroaki Shinohara

UI & Graphic Designer:Norimitsu Ikeda

Character Voice:Yuki Maeda

Marketing and Publicity:Hiroaki Takahashi

Special Thanks:Toshiki Nakamura

Trailer Production:

 Director: Jermaine Dennis

 Actress: Hiroko Nagae

 Composer: Masaomi Kamiya

 Sound Designer: Yichuan Shao

Sado Gold Mine, Historic Site

Nariaki Urano

Kenichi Saikusa

Shou Nabata


NIIGATA-SADO Tourism Authority co.,Ltd

Hitoshi Watanabe

Yutaka Nakabayashi

Ryo Kawahara


BSN (Broadcasting System of Niigata Inc.)


Takao Sato

Yuzuru Shimada

Kei Kamimura